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Ruth 1/4: God’s Providence: Where is God in Tragic Times?

Today Pastor Brown begins a four part series on the book of Ruth.  This series will take place over time, as he preaches, which is only every month or so.  The next installment is scheduled for September 13.

In this sermon, we have an introduction to the book, including times, dates, historical context, and purpose.  After that, we cover all of chapter one.  In this book we see the sovereign hand of God at work in bringing about His good purposes very clearly.  From this we can draw encouragement.  Sometimes this takes the form of tragic events, as we see in chapter one.  We can learn much from Naomi how to rightly think through tragic events when they occur to us, despite the shortcomings we usually think of when we consider her.  We can also learn something of what true commitment looks like from Ruth’s very bold statement.

The four sections of this sermon are as following.

I. A string of tragedies

II. Naomi’s responses to the tradegies in her life

III. Ruth’s commitment and faith

IV. A sliver of hope


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