Our Leadership Team

BibleOur church proclaims the Lordship of Jesus Christ, as such He is the head of the church. In His wisdom, He has chosen men to shepherd His flock. We recognize our pastors (elders) as under-shepherds, subject to Christ, accountable to the flock, and ruled by the Word, holding to a strict subscription to the 1689 LBC. As office holders, they are called by God and affirmed by the congregation, to lead according the the Scripture’s commands.  Our deacons serve the needs of the body, ministering in the important physical and tangible ways.  Finally, all of the leadership recognizes the vital wisdom of the congregation in decision making.

Pastor Scott M. Head

Scott Head

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Scott is the husband of his high school sweetheart and a home-educating father of three blessings from the Lord. Ordained in 2008, Scott is particularly passionate about the power of the Gospel to save and sanctify believers. Besides the Word, which he believes is sufficient and authoritative, Scott cites as his theological and spiritual influences men like Charles Spurgeon, John Owen, John Bunyan, the Puritans, early Particular Baptists. He is very encouraged by the continuing resurgence of confessional Particular Baptist scholarship in our day.

Scott also has 23 years of experience as an award-winning creative media professional that have given him skill in transforming ideas into reality and theory into practice for Fortune 100 companies. He currently spends his non-ministry time in various media and design ventures.

He enjoys his wife and kids above all, laughter, a peaceful home, good music, reading, old guns, history, antiquity, old coins and being amazed by the glories of nature. Scott and his wife Angie have been married twenty five years and reside in Friendswood, Texas

Kris Lee

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Kris attended Texas A&M University earning degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. After graduation, Kris has applied his skills as an engineer in various areas of the aerospace and defense industry. Alongside his position as elder, Kris currently spends his professional time designing software for research and development equipment geared towards future space exploration.

Although immersed in the technical world, God intercepted Kris in 1994 while in college, redeeming him by grace through faith for the rest of eternity. As an engineer and software designer, Kris is keenly aware of understanding the “how” and “why” of things, all the while staying anchored in “first principles”. Therefore, he enjoys apologetics and the deepening of his understanding of Christianity. Kris enjoys reading a diversity of perspectives to gain a good view of the landscape and thus has been influenced by authors and theologians such as R.C. Sproul, James White, Sam Waldron, Pascal Denault, John Piper, Wayne Grudem, J.I. Packer, Martin Lloyd-Jones, and others.

During his studies in College Station, Kris met his bride-to-be, Jessica. Shortly after graduating, Kris and Jessica were married and have enjoyed growing together and striving to echo the biblical picture of Christ and the church through marriage. They currently have eight children and deeply desire to steward them for God’s glory and His purposes alone.

Jeff Roberts

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Jeff has been married to his bride Dianna since 1995, and is blessed to be father to two sons and two daughters. He works as an IT executive in Houston. As deacon, Jeff enjoys serving the families of the church and facilitating the administrative work of our growing body of believers.

Aside from the Bible, Jeff has been greatly influenced by the works of John Calvin, Richard Baxter, Jonathan Edwards and C. S. Lewis, along with the modern day ministries of Kevin Swanson, Geoff Botkin, Paul Washer and Todd Friel.

Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, leading them in worship at home, teaching them Biblical worldview, traveling, camping, and supporting his children in their sports, music and homeschool activities.

Robert Upton

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Robert Upton was added to the deacon body at Cornerstone in October of 2014. He is husband to Tiffany and father to 6 amazing children. His dedication to serve the body of Christ is easily seen each Sunday as he earnestly lives out the role of Deacon without hesitation or reservation. Robert is a relatively new Texan, having moved here from Arizona in early 2013. Cornerstone is blessed to have him and his family with us.