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A Reformed Baptist Church Serving Southern Houston

Our Leadership Team

BibleOur church proclaims the Lordship of Jesus Christ, as such He is the head of the church. In His wisdom, He has chosen men to shepherd His flock. We recognize our pastors (elders) as under-shepherds, subject to Christ, accountable to the flock, and ruled by the Word, holding to a strict subscription to the 1689 LBC. As office holders, they are called by God and affirmed by the congregation, to lead according the the Scripture’s commands.  Our deacons serve the needs of the body, ministering in the important physical and tangible ways.  Finally, all of the leadership recognizes the vital wisdom of the congregation in decision making.

Pastor Scott M. Head

Scott Head

Ordained in 2008, Scott is particularly passionate about the power of the Gospel to save and sanctify believers. Besides the Word, which he believes is sufficient and authoritative, Scott cites as his theological and spiritual influences men like Charles Spurgeon, John Owen, and John Bunyan. He thoroughly enjoys reading the Puritans and the early Particular…

Robert Upton

Robert Upton was added to the deacon body at Cornerstone in October of 2014. He is husband to Tiffany and father to 6 amazing children. His dedication to serve the body of Christ is easily seen each Sunday as he earnestly lives out the role of Deacon without hesitation or reservation. Robert is a relatively…

Kris Lee

Kris served as an elder at CCF from its founding until 2018. With the support of the congregation and leadership, he has stepped away from the office so that he can focus his attention on caring for his family and discipling his children. He and his family remain an integral part of the CCF community, and he actively supports and endorses the leadership at the church. CCF is grateful for the many years of Pastor Lee’s service to our community.