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A Lost Opportunity at the Statehouse

The government of the state of Texas has, by the actions of one elected man, lost an opportunity to obey God.

Hundreds of Republicans and Christians sacrificed time, effort and money to testify before the House committee supporting House Bill 896, a bill that would abolish the barbaric practice of abortion in the State of Texas and treat it as murder.

Thousands of grass roots Republicans invested time and energy to show, once again, that the abolition of abortion in Texas is a party priority.

Tens of thousands support this priority, and hundreds of thousands are eager for this blight upon our state to end.

Despite the passionate, respectful and heart-felt testimony of more than 300 people for the bill to be released to the full house for a vote, Representative Jeff Leach has refused to honor his party by doing the right thing.

While in testimony this past Monday, Leach nodded agreement that abortion is murder. He thanked tearful citizens who were pouring out their personal stories of regret and the horrors of abortion for the first time. He brought children up to sit on the dais after their moving testimonies. Yet Leach is today a professing Christian who is single-handedly standing against a bill that would honor the Bible’s commandment, “You shall not murder.” (Ex. 20:13) Further, Leach’s pastor, Dr. Jack Graham, has voiced his support for Leach. Each man, professing Christians, have now acted in a manner that continues to allow the murder of thousands more of our fellow Texans in the womb. Is this consistent with Christ?

The resistance to this bill has been justified by these men on social media because the bill would prosecute aborting mothers as murderers. The Bible clearly condemns murder, Leach as a professing Christian has publicly agreed. But by standing by the unjust state penal code’s exception that allows for murder while a child remains in the womb, Leach and Graham are now opposing the Biblical commandment. This is troubling, and offensive to all those who stand against murder wherever it is perpetrated.

Justifying his reluctance to see murdering mothers prosecuted, Leach has voiced concern about the victims of various manipulative, controlling, and oppressive men forcing abortions on women. This victim status is real, and we must commend Leach for such concern. However, this concern carries little weight when examined in light of the justice system in our state. The law already provides protection in the courts for murderers who did not act on their own volition, or who were coerced, duped or forced. Judgment and sentencing considers these circumstances and protects victims. Leach’s refusal to recognize and to have faith in the judicial process to protect victims is therefore misplaced, especially as a law-maker himself. It has the appearance, again, of political excuses. It sounds good and noble on the surface, but when examined, resistance to prosecuting murdering mothers comes up empty.

This is the on-going trouble with politicians who claim to be pro-life, yet refuse to treat abortion as murder. The victimization of women in Texas is free to continue now that sex traffickers can secure abortions for their victims. The victimization of innocents will continue now that Texas women are still free to murder their own children in the womb. The state of Texas, because of the actions of one professing Christian in a leadership position, will continue to practice what is an abomination in God’s sight, chiefly thanks to “pro-life” Representative Leach.

Christians are called upon to take great risk and to devote themselves to righteous causes. Sophie Scholl, that brave German anti-Nazi activist who gave her life in the cause for liberty, said “How can we expect righteousness to prevail when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause?” Will a teen-aged girl stand more firmly against wicked practices than an elected official who proclaims Jesus Christ?

Pastors and Christians all across our state who have supported this bill are sorely disappointed with professing Christians in leadership positions implicitly condoning abortion simply because they do not want mothers liable to justice for murder. It has the appearance of politics-as-usual. It also is the rallying cry to eliminate such men from office and to replace them with men with backbone, a true and active devotion to the faith they proclaim, and a willingness to do the hard work they were called to do. Representative Leach has (so far) now single-handedly insured murder in the womb will remain a Texas shame.

I pray and call Representative Leach and Pastor Graham to reconsider their resistance to this bill. I believe they are standing on the wrong side. Jesus Christ in the book of Revelation has sharp words for men and churches in leadership who have the appearance of life, yet are inwardly dead. They go so far, yet are luke-warm. But there is always a call to repent, to align with Jesus, and to stand firm. Representative Leach, please reconsider your position in light of the Word of God.