Welcome to CCF. We desire to be intentionally grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only enduring power to save and reform God's people.

Meeting Time

Our worship service begins around 12:30 each Sunday. When we gather, there is usually a short period of fellowship at the beginning of the day, followed shortly thereafter with the formal worship service.

When you arrive for church, you'll notice that the building was originally constructed by Colony Baptist Church, and the building and signage still have their name on them. Just look for our white signs with the CCF logo, and you should be in good shape.

entrance sign

If this is your first time to visit CCF, here is information that we hope will be helpful for you. Read me first.

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Meeting Location

Serving Southern Houston

19506 Vicksburg Blvd.
Missouri City, TX 77459
(281) 816-7994

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